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UHD 4K/60 NDI®|HX3/IP/SRT/HDMI PoE POV Camera from
UHD 4K/60 NDI®|HX3/IP/SRT/HDMI PoE POV Camera from
UHD 4K/60 NDI®|HX3/IP/SRT/HDMI PoE POV Camera from


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AIDA Imaging UHD 4K/60 NDI®|HX3/IP/SRT/HDMI PoE POV Camera
Visualize the Power of 4K through Clarity, Quality, and HX!

After meticulous refinement, the UHD-NDI3-300 emerges as the pinnacle of AIDA meeting NDI HX3, making any waiting justified for this camera. The UHD-NDI3-300 features the ability to produce stunning NDI HX3 1080 60fps via its 4K Sony CMOS sensor, exhibiting the clearest Full-HD video over any HX3 network. If you need something a bit more grandeur, you can opt into the cameras 4K 60fps NDI HX, accounting for every detail possible in any frame. You also get the luxury of having a HDMI 2.0 port for output or field tests, set at any resolution you need it at.

HX3 - The Golden Ratio is HX

The UHD-NDI3-300 visualizes crispy Full-HD video by allowing the NDI® stream to run at up to 60mb/s (4x the bitrate of NDI®|HX.) This of course leads to better visual quality, and lowered latency all around, better than HX or a HD sensor can handle!

The UHD-NDI3-300 comes with a preloaded NDI license. No effort on your end required!

AIDA's Next Generation 4K Cameras!

The UHD-NDI3-300 brings the next gen POV 2160p resolutions to NDI HX, as well as the newer 1080p HX3.

UHD-NDI3-300 Quick Specs:


NDI®|HX3 Camera

UHD Streaming

2160p, 1080p, 1080i & 720p

5mm 4K CS Mount Lens

HFOV: 72°

Line in Audio

Synced NDI|HX Streaming

Light it up!

Located on the front of the UHD-NDI3-300 is a small tally light to let your talent know when the camera is live!

AIDA Cabling 2.0

With a small revision, the new UHD-NDI3-300 series will come with the connector pigtail firmly attached! No more bent pins!

It pays to speak VISCA

The UHD-NDI3-300 uses VISCA over IP to communicate its commands, making it easily accessible whenever, wherever!

Out we go!

The UHD-NDI3-300 is capable of running HX3(or HX), RTSP, RTMP, SRT, and HDMI all simultaneously, per usual!

PoE+ for the satisfying cable run

With the ability to run power, control and video over one ethernet cable, you will never have bunches of cables hanging around!

Predictable Mounting

With a 1/4″ 20 mounting hole on the top and bottom, the possibilities are endless on mounting the camera!