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triolet 1000w light kit with grid from
triolet 1000w light kit with grid from
triolet 1000w light kit with grid from
triolet 1000w light kit with grid from

triolet 1000w light kit with grid

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Chimera Triolet Kits are the perfect all-in-package with everything you need to get lighting! Complete with a Triolet, Small Lightbank, Fabric Grid, and folding aluminum stand, these kits give you a great setup for interview or product lighting.

The included Video Pro Small is perfect as an interview key light, at 24x32" with a Silver interior. For additional light control, the included 40-degree fabric grid is perfect for preventing unwanted spill.
Chimera Triolet is the ultimate multi-tool lighting fixture. Designed as a compact, versatile, continuous lighting problem-solver, the Triolet features all-metal construction and an attached cord with inline switch.
Compatible with Mogul (E39 / E40) and Medium (E26/E27) bulbs, the Triolet’s simplicity is its advantage, offering compatibility with Tungsten, Fluorescent, or LED bulbs up to 1,000W. The included speed ring support Chimera Video Pro, OctaPlus, and Lantern Lightbanks. Its fully-exposed bulb design offers use either in a lightbank or as a practical fixture alternative. For more information on what bulbs you can use in the Triolet, check out our handy help article on the Chasing Light forums!

Key Features
Perfect turnkey kit for interview or simple product lighting
Triolet features all-metal construction and inline switch with attached cord
Mogul base, with Medium and GY9.5 Adapters available
Compatible with Chimera Video Pro, Lantern, and OctaPlus High Heat lightbanks
Triolet with Quick Release Speed Ring and Single-Axis Stand Adapter
1000W/120V Light Bulb
Video Pro Plus One Small Lightbank with One Screen and Storage Sack
Lighttools® Soft Egg Crate - 40º Small with Storage Sack
9-foot / 2.7-meter folding aluminum stand
Travel Duffel to hold all parts
Triolet Specifications (without bulb, speed ring, or stand adapter)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 5x3x5 in / 13x23x13 cm
Weight: 1.6 lbs / 0.75 kg
Connector Type: NEMA1-15 Unpolarized Two-Prong (AKA Household / Edison Plug / Type A)
Maximum Wattage: 1000W
Maximum Amperage: 8.3A-120VAC / 4.6A-220V
Video Pro Small Specifications
Front Size: 24x32 in / 60x80 cm
Depth: 18 in / 45 cm
Maximum Recommended Wattage: 1000W
Front Diffusion Screen: Full, -1.4 Stops
Inner Baffle: Full, -1.4 Stops