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Tokina Cinema Vista 105mm T1.5 PL Mount

Tokina Cinema Vista 105mm T1.5 PL Mount

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Tokina Cinema Vista 105mm T1.5 PL Mount

Tokina Cinema has introduced the newest Vista series T1.5 Prime Lens. These revolutionary new lenses feature a huge 46.7mm image circle making these lenses compatible with nearly every motion picture camera sensor on the market including VistaVision format. The new Vista series all are the exact same size and gear position for easy set up and workflow. Ultra sharp with nearly zero image breathing during focus pulls. Tokina Cinema Vista is truly the modern ultra crisp works-on-everything solution for your cinema and motion imaging capture needs.  

  • Super Fast T1.5 Aperture

  • Virtually No Breathing

  • A Focus Rotation Angle of Approximately 300 Degrees

  • 8K Resolution and Coverage Capable

  • High Resolution - Low Distortion

  • Low Chromatic Aberration

  • Durable, All-metal Cine-style Housing with Geared Focus

  • Smooth, 9-blade, curved iris