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Spotlight Mount Set 26°

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The Spotlight Mount is the world’s first professional level Bowens Mount spotlight projector. Project your light with a great degree of control with the internal shutter blades for sharp cuts and three interchangeable lenses. Combined with the included B-size Gobos, Gobo Holder, and gel frame, the Spotlight Mount allows you to manipulate your light to easily project any shape or color you can think of.

Light shaping control. Easily adjust your beam angle and focus by interchanging between 19º, 26º, and 36º lenses. Combined with the internal shutters, you will be able to gain more control of the shape of your light.

Minimal edge fringing. The Spotlight Mount’s new lens technology minimizes chromatic aberrations around the edge of the illumination circle. Compared to similar ellipsoidal fixtures, the Spotlight Mount significantly decreases its edge color fringing to a mere 1mm.

- 19º/26º/36º Beam Angle Interchangeable Lenses
- Precision Chromatic Aberration-Free Optics
- Compatible with Aputure Bowens Mount Point-Source LED Lights
- Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy Build for Enhanced Durability
- Accepts B-Size Gobos & 18-Leaf Iris via Iris & Gobo Slots
- Disc Brake Locking Yoke
- Built-In 4-Leaf Shutters
...and more!

1x Spotlight Mount
1x Gobo Holder
1x Gel Frame
3x Gobo Patterns (Tree, Window, Abstract)
1x Lens Cleaning Kit

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