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Softron M|80Re (8 Channels Ingest or Replay, Dongle Included)

Softron M|80Re (8 Channels Ingest or Replay, Dongle Included)

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Softron M|80Re (8 Channels Ingest or Replay, Dongle Included)

  • Record or replay up to eight channels of HD (up to 60p) on one Mac.
  • Portable high-density capture and replay device
  • 8 channels all-in-one box solution for your Mac
  • 4K compatible (Quad-link or single-link)
  • Audio LTC input
  • No transfer time needed (files are readily available)
  • Edit-while-ingest
  • Easy instant replay on the Mac

The M|80Re is a hardware & software bundle tailor made for Thunderbolt capable Macs. Simply connect the M|80Re box to one of the Thunderbolt ports of a Mac and immediately start record or replay up to eight HD channels or two 4K Channels (or four HD and one 4K) at a cost significantly less than other multichannel solutions.

With the M|80Re, you can enjoy all the amazing features of MovieRecorder and M|Replay in a certified hardware and software bundle. We have gathered what we think are the highest quality hardware components in order to ensure the best experience possible. You receive eight licenses of M|Replay and eight licenses of MovieRecorder, together with one eight input video device. It's the perfect solution for users who sometimes just need to record eight channels, and at other times need to do eight channels of replay (any combination of inputs and outputs). Instead of having to buy 2 different bundles, but in the end just use one at a time, you can opt for the M|80Re and get the best of both worlds.

Recording is done using the included eight licenses of MovieRecorder. Video clips captured using MovieRecorder can be edited during the actual ingest, making it very handy for live sports editing for example. Additionally you can schedule your recordings.

Replay is done using the included eight licenses of M|Replay. You can set M|Replay to use any combination you want (and your computers supports). Six inputs and 2 outputs is very common in replay workflows.

But you can also mix both MovieRecorder and M|Replay (up to 8 channels at a time as you will receive one thunderbolt expansion chassis with 8 connectors). So for example you can record 4 channels with MovieRecorder and 4 channels of M|Replay. In theory, you could even purchase a video device (or use NDI Sources) and use all 16 channels at once. You just need to make sure that your computer supports all these channels at once, but in terms of licensing, this is possible.

The 16 licenses are provided on a dongle, so it's easy to move your M|80Re from one computer to another.

The M|80Re is compatible with 4K. You can use either Quad-link or Single link (12G) to ingest and playout 4K at up to 60 frames per second. When using 4K, you can ingest only two channels instead of four (even in 12G).

The M|80Re uses the state of the art DELTA-12G-elp-h 2c video card, which hosts eight independent channels that can be used either as inputs or as outputs. Two of these channels supports line rates up to 12G SDI while the others go up to 3G-SDI, allowing the support of formats from SD to UHD. The 9th connector can be used as an Audio LTC input .

Supported formats and codecs

Check the list of supported codecs on our website on the MovieRecorder and M|Replay pages. Note that depending on the Mac that you use, the format and codec, limitations may apply.

Number of simultaneous inputs supported?
With the M|80Re, depending on the Mac that you are using, the codec and format, with MovieRecorder you could be able to record up to:

  • 8x HD inputs
  • 2x 4K inputs
  • 4x HD + 1x 4K Inputs

And with M|Replay, you could be able to replay up to:

  • 7x HD inputs + 1x HD Outputs
  • 6x HD inputs + 2x HD Outputs
  • 5x HD inputs + 3x HD Outputs
  • 4x HD inputs + 4x HD Outputs
  • 3x HD inputs + 4x HD Outputs
  • 1x 4K input + 1x 4K Output

The 4K connection can be done using either quad-link or single-link.

Note that in M|Replay, the input and output formats must be identical.

What's Included?

  • 8x licenses of MovieRecorder (ingest)
  • 8x licenses of M|Replay (replay)
  • 1x Dongle with the software licenses above (no changes or splits)
  • 1x Compact Thunderbolt 3 Expansion Chassis with 1x low-profile PCIe slot (Sonnet Echo Express SEL)
  • 1x Video card with 8x configurable in/out + 1x Ref input (or Audio LTC) on Micro BNC connectors (DELTA-12G-elp-h 2c)
  • 1x Full Height Bracket (so you can place the Video card in a "regular" PCIe slot)
  • 8x BNC Female to Micro BNC (HD-BNC) Cable - 1'
  • 1x Thunderbolt 3 cable - 1.5'