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pop bank for cineo standard 410 from

pop bank for cineo standard 410

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The Lightbank is lightweight, collapsible and handmade in Colorado to Chimera’s high quality standards. The Lightbank uses Chimera standard small size front screens and increases the aperture of the Cineo Lighting’s Standard 410 to 24” x 32” (607 mm x 83 mm). The Lightbank (p/n 1629C) will be sold as a kit, with grid-less front screens in Full and Half, packed in a messenger style kit bag, all weighing less than 2 lbs (0.9 kg).
Right side up!
Small front screen
Kitted w/ Full & half gridless
Careful – will only work w/ ezPOP
The Lightbank does not require a Speed Ring or mounting frame, it simply slips over the barndoors.
Interchangeable Front Screen: Standard Small

PART NUMBER: 1629C POP bank for Cineo Standard 410

FRONT DIMENSIONS: 24 x 32 in 607 x 813 mm

LIGHTBANK DEPTH: 11 in 279 mm


For best function with the 1629 Lightbanks we recommend using the EZ Pop version, our part #3520EZ- Small 40 Degree Fabric Grid EZ POP.