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PB12 Grid

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The INFINIBAR PB12 45° Light Control Grid is a lighting modifier designed specifically to limit the beam spread of the INFINIBAR PB12 LED Pixel Bar. This control modifier controls the beam angle to 45° and reduces unwanted spill light, without significantly increasing the footprint of the 4-foot bar light. This tool transforms the INFINIBAR PB12 into a more directional light source while maintaining the PB12’s slim profile.

Main Features
Fabric 45° Control Grid for the Aputure INFINIBAR PB12
Secures Directly Onto INFINIBAR PB3 Body
Enhances Directionality and Eliminates Spill
Collapsible Into Compact Shape for Storage
Quick Set-Up Hook-and-Loop Straps
Lightweight Design

What’s In The Box
INFINIBAR PB12 45° Light Control Grid *1
Carrying Bag *1