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panel lantern dmx studio kit from
panel lantern dmx studio kit from
panel lantern dmx studio kit from

panel lantern dmx studio kit

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Key Features
Two 2 x 2 Head Units with LED Engines
Two Lanterns, Two 24 x 24" Panel Frames
Two Panel Lantern Skirts
Two 12' Unilock Extensions
LiteGear Dimmer & 4 x 4 Dimmer Adapter
LiteGear 16A Power Supply. Chimera has put together this Panel Lantern DMX Studio Kit to offer soft ambient-looking light that is ideal for large or small studios. The kit includes two 2 x 2 head units with LED engines, two 2 x 2 panel frames, two panel lanterns, two lantern skirts, two 12' extensions, a 4 x 4 Dimmer Adapter, a LiteGear 4-Channel LED DMX Dimmer, and a LiteGear 16A Power Supply.

Chimera Frame for Frame/Panel Reflectors and Window Patterns - Micro 24x24"
Chimera engineers have produced a modern version of Dean Collins' popular Lightform panels using 5/8" aluminum alloy tubing. These frames, which are compact and rigid enough to use outdoors, allow you to instantly create your choice of diffusion, nets and/ or bounce fill in seconds, without the use of tools.

A specially designed pin-grip system on the frames allows you to set and lock the frames in place with a single standard 2" grip head with no slipping.
The heavy-duty internal bungy cord keeps the frame segments together during storage and travel, and aids in super-fast setups.