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Nanlite Eggcrate for SBFMM60 from

Nanlite Eggcrate for SBFMM60

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The Nanlite Forza Eggcrate for SBFMM60 (Forza Softbox with FM Mount) attaches to the front of the softbox to minimize light spill and add directionality by tightining the beam angle 40 degrees. Great for selectivly lighting subjects without loosing the soft quality of light produced by the softbox. Attaches easily and swiftly with touch fasteners and folds down flat for storage and transport. Made for Forza 60B, 60, and 150 This eggcrate perfectly fits in the Forza Softbox with FM Mount, which was made for the Nanlite Forza 60B, 60, and 150 monolights. It's a part of a diverse ecosystem of light modifiers, accessories, and lenses for these premium fixtures. We've Got You Covered For over 25 years Nanlite has been producing innovative LED lighting solutions backed by a 2-year limited warranty extendible to 3-years limited with registration. Warranty valid only on products purchased from authorized dealers.