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MC Pro 8-Light Kit from
MC Pro 8-Light Kit
MC Pro 8-Light Kit
MC Pro 8-Light Kit
MC Pro 8-Light Kit
MC Pro 8-Light Kit

MC Pro 8-Light Kit

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Designed for lighting professionals and rental houses, the MC Pro 8-Light Kit expands the flexibility of the MC Pros with not only 8x the number of fixtures, but additional sets of magnetized modifiers and mounting accessories to meet the highest of demands. These additional tools allow you to store, charge, and rig an array of MC Pros as practical, accent, or fill lights within a scene.

Multi-light charging. The Charging Case features a drop-in design, allowing you to charge 8 MC Pro’s at a time using its integrated contact pins for a seamless charging workflow. The case also features 2 additional USB 5V/2A charging ports to charge up to a total of 10 fixtures.

Greater mounting possibilities. In addition to sets of diffusers and grids for each MC Pro, the MC Pro 8-Light Kit includes 4 1/4-20in Baby Pin Adapters and 2 Clamps with Articulating Arms for an even wider variety of mounting options to best suit the needs of cinematographers and gaffers on set.

Power anywhere. For filmmakers constantly on the move who want to use V Mount or Gold Mount batteries, you can power the MC Pro 8-Light Kit using a D-Tap battery with the included D-Tap to D-Tap Power Cable – in lieu of AC power.

- Includes 8 MC Pro 5W Output RGBWW Lensed Mini LED Panels
- Stores and Charges 8 MC Pro Lights via AC or D-Tap Power
- Drop-In Design to Charge Using Contact Pins Without Wires
- 2x USB 5V/2A Charging Ports to Charge Up to 10 Fixtures Total
- 8 Sets of MC Pro Magnetized Modifiers and 14 Mounting Accessories
- 4x Brightness of Original MC: New Optical Design with Tighter 45° Beam Angle
- Magnetic Accessory Mount: Flat Diffuser, Dome Diffuser, & 30° Light Control Grid
- Lightweight & Pocketable Size (108 x 70 x 25mm / 247g)
- Multiple Control Methods: Sidus Link Bluetooth App Control, DMX/RDM*, LumenRadio CRMX
- Fast Recharging (approx. 90 min.) via USB-C & Contact Pins
...and more!

8x MC Pro
8x MC Pro Flat Diffuser
8x MC Pro Dome Diffuser
8x MC Pro 30º Light Control Grid
4x Cold Shoe Ball Head
4x 1/4-20in Screw to Magnetic Plate Adapter
4x 1/4-20in Screw to Baby Pin Adapter
2x 1/4-20in Articulating Arm to Clamp Adapter
2x USB Type-C Charging Cable
32x Adhesive Magnetic Plate
1x Locking IEC C13 AC Power Cable
1x D-Tap to D-Tap Power Cable
1x MC Pro 8-Light Charging Case