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Magix Vegas Pro 18 Suite (Academic) ESD

Magix Vegas Pro 18 Suite (Academic) ESD

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Magix Vegas Pro 18 Suite (Academic) ESD

VEGAS Pro 18 Suite provides a complete package for serious video and audio production. Tools that leverage artificial intelligence, HDR technology, and the full power of GPU acceleration from all major vendors mark an important step in the evolution of editing. Powerful media asset management tools keep you organized, and top-level professional audio functions ensure that your audio quality matches your video. Packed full of video effects and transitions from trusted partners, composite-ready VFX clips like smoke and fire, and amazing reverb removal functions, your toolset always holds the right tool for the job.


  • Artificial intelligence for advanced automatic features
  • Unsurpassed hardware acceleration and stability
  • Powerful plug-in management for efficient workflow
  • Even more powerful Color Grading panel
  • Direct integration with VEGAS Prepare media management (coming soon)
  • State-of-the-art audio editing with SOUND FORGE


  • VEGAS Pro 18 software
  • SOUND FORGE Pro 14 audio editing software
  • VEGAS Prepare media asset management software (coming soon)
  • Boris FX Continuum plug-ins
    • Particles Unit
    • Image Restoration UnitAction
  • Film Style Unit
    • VFX clips25 Assorted video effects clips with alpha channel
    • 42 Pistol Muzzle Flashes
  • Zynaptiq UNVEIL Vegas Edition
  • NewBlue FX Transitions unit