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Magic Box 8way DMX Buffer (end of life) from

Magic Box 8way DMX Buffer (end of life)

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Key Features
5-Pin XLR Input
8 x 5-Pin XLR Outputs
5-Pin XLR Through Connector
Termination Switch
Each Output Is Separately Generated
Full Output Isolation
Male IEC Power Input
Runs on 100-240 VAC for Worldwide Use
Rack-Mountable Interlocking Enclosure
Captive Nut Insert for Truss Mounting
The Magic Box 8-Way DMX Buffer from CHROMA-Q is a fault-tolerant, self-healing DMX buffer designed to fully isolate all outputs from each other. It provides 8 x 5-pin XLR outputs, each of which is separately generated and boosted from the original DMX signal. Also featured are a through connector and a termination switch.