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LumiNode 12 RJ45 from
LumiNode 12 RJ45 from
LumiNode 12 RJ45 from
LumiNode 12 RJ45 from

LumiNode 12 RJ45

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High port density in a half 19″ install enclosure

LumiNode 12 RJ45 is specifically designed with a metal, robust half 19″ enclosure for single or dual rack mounting, making it an ideal solution for theatre- and studio installs. Achieving up to 24 outputs in a 1U rack space. The RJ45 DMX connectivity makes it possible to integrate with common and cost-effective infrastructure with Cat5e (or higher) cabling.

Equipped with 2x 1Gb Ethercon ports and 12x RJ45 DMX ports LumiNode 12 RJ45 offers a high DMX port count in only a half unit rack space.
Each DMX port is fully optically and galvanically isolated and can be configured as an in- or output. All relevant industry-standard protocols such as Art-Net, sACN, KiNET, RTTRpl (Blacktrax) are supported and can be processed and converted in 16 onboard process engines supporting HTP, LTP, Crossfade, Backup, Switch, and Custom merging modes with soft patch functionality.