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LS 60 Softbox from
LS 60 Softbox from
LS 60 Softbox from
LS 60 Softbox from
LS 60 Softbox from
LS 60 Softbox from

LS 60 Softbox

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The LS 60 Softbox is designed to work in tandem with the LS 60d & 60x, transforming the focusable point-source lights into the perfect compact soft lighting tool.

Run-and-gun lighting. With 35cm (14in.) sides, the square LS 60 softbox has a diffusion area larger than a 1x1 LED panel, making it perfect for a run-and-gun key, fill, or back light, increasing the aperture of the light source while maintaining the lightweight, compact nature of the LS 60d & 60x.

Control your way. With its two included front diffusions, the LS 60 Softbox allows filmmakers to choose the density and softness of their light source. The Softbox also includes a 45º fabric light control grid to give a soft light direction and minimize excess spill.

- Compact Square Softbox Designed for the LS 60d & LS 60x
- 35x35cm (~14x14in) Square Diffusion Area
- 30cm (11.8in) Depth
- Simple Four-Rod Assembly
- 2 Types of Front Diffusion (1.5 Stop & 2.5 Stop)
- 45° Light Control Grid
- Diffusion Area Larger than a 1x1 Panel
- Includes Carrying Bag
- Packs Flat for Travel
...and more!

1x LS 60 Softbox
1x Light Control Grid
1x Front Diffusion (1.5 Stop)
1x Front Diffusion (2.5 Stop)
1x Speed Ring Adapter
1x Carrying Bag