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lightbank - pro ii - medium from
lightbank - pro ii - medium from
lightbank - pro ii - medium from
lightbank - pro ii - medium from
lightbank - pro ii - medium from

lightbank - pro ii - medium

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Chimera Pro II lightbanks are a classic light modifier for strobe lights. Unique to Chimera only, these lightbanks feature a sewn-in front screen that is flush to the front of the lightbank. The absence of a front “cowling” allows the output to be much more graduated and subtle compared to recessed front lightbanks.

Thanks to the sewn-in front screen, assembly and deployment are simplified, perfect for working on location. Pro II Lightbanks feature a white interior, another unique Chimera advantage, to maximize light softness. The rear flaps of the lightbank are designed to enclose the speed ring to prevent light leak. Where other lightbanks include this as a separate removable component the Chimera Pro II rear is sewn in, but retains adjustability.
Key Features
Offers more wrapping light compared to recessed-front lightbanks
Removable inner baffle
Sewn in front screen flush-mounted to lightbank front
Reflective White interior balances soft lighting and efficient output
Compatible with all Chimera Polycarbonate, Aluminum, Quick Release, or OctaPlus Speed Rings for Strobes.
Shaped rear one-piece closure folds up to prevent light leakage, permanently attached for no parts to lose!
Lightbank body with Full Diffusion Front Screen (-1.4 stops) and support poles
Full Diffusion Inner Baffle (-1.4 Stops)
Zippered Storage Sack
Warranty and Care Info Card
Front Size: 36x48 in / 90x120 cm
Lightbank Depth: 24 in / 60 cm
Interior Color: Reflective White