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led lightbank kit - cineo hs - medium from

led lightbank kit - cineo hs - medium

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The Medium Chimera LED Lightbank delivers soft and beautiful light. Designed for use with the Cineo HS, HS2, and HSX, this LED lightbank serves as an apt way to get the most out of the video light, and still creates beautiful, diffused talent-friendly light. The Cineo HS/HSX/HS2 Medium lightbank measures 36x48" with 24" depth and is compatible with all Chimera and Lighttools® Medium accessories.
Key Features
Mounts to durable aluminum frame
Matches traditional "Medium" (36x48 in) size
Compatible with wide range of optional fabric grids, metal honeycombs, and fabric barn doors.
Lightbank with Mounting Frame
Full Diffusion Inner Baffle (-1.4 Stops)
Full Diffusion Front Screen (-1.4 Stops)
1/2-Grid Diffusion Front Screen (-0.7 stops)
1/4-Grid Diffusion Front Screen (-0.3 stops)
Storage Sack
Front Screen Size: 36x48 in / 90x120 cm
Depth: 20 in / 50 cm
Weight: 4.0 lbs / 1.9 kg