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Kupo TV Coupler - Silver from

Kupo TV Coupler - Silver

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The Kupo TV Coupler is built for heavy-duty lighting equipment and comes with a 16mm receiver and 28mm spigot. TUV approved, the TV coupler is constructed by rugged die-cast aluminum and extruded aluminum, and features a hinged locking jaw. It comes with a 28mm junior socket for a luminaire or telescopic hanger. The 3/8in-16mm baby stud is also available and alternates with a 16mm baby socket by the spring latch bolt for lightweight luminaire and accessories. The hinged locking jaw is restricted, making operation for single handed use easier. Equipped with a safety linchpin, the safety wire is built-in with the clamp to ensure this essential safety aid is always on hand. The Kupo TV Coupler will support up to 661.4lbs (300kg) on the 28mm attachment, and 88lbs (40kg) on the 16mm attachment.