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Kaiser "RSP Xtra" Copy Stand from
Kaiser "RSP Xtra" Copy Stand from

Kaiser "RSP Xtra" Copy Stand

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Kaiser "RSP Xtra“ Copy Stand Heavy-duty copy stand for analog and digital image capturing work with two-level motor-driven adjustment. Accepts originals up to 39.4x31.5 cm/100x80 cm. Extremely sturdy, multi-section, special extrusion black anodized aluminum column with printed inch/cm scales. Double-strutted steel tube column foot. Steel socket for bolting the column. Four leveling feet. Die-cast aluminum camera carrier, horizontally adjustable by parallel guides with friction drive and hand cranks for right-hand/left-hand operation. Two blocking screws. Camera mounting plate tiltable by 180°. Built-in spirit level. Camera carrier with motorized height adjustment. Two travel speeds, independent of load. Self-limiting worm gear for precise positioning at any height. Magnetic sensor automatic stop switch. Anti-collision tool. Cable remote control. Stand is supplied without base board, intended to be used with Table for Copying Works (205712), with Table (205630) or custom-made equipment. Interchangeable threaded 1/4” and 3/8” bushing.