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Heliopan 86mm Close Up 1 Filter

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The Heliopan 86mm Close Up 1 Filter is a convex diopter designed to decrease the minimum focus distance of any lens in order to produce a shorter working distance for close-up photography. No exposure correction is required. For best results stop down to f 5.6 or f8.
Convex lens design and +1 dioptric strength lessens the minimum focusing distance of any lens for close-up shooting
Single coatings on both the front and rear offer protection to the glass and help to improve light transmission and image quality
Constructed from Schott glass for optical clarity
Brass filter ring helps to prevent jamming and provides additional strengthINICIO SPECIALTY CLOSE UP CLOSE UP 1 FILTER - CLOSE UP 1 FILTER - 86MM CLOSE UP 1 CAMERA LENS FILTER