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FieldCast 2Core MM Adapter Cable

FieldCast 2Core MM Adapter Cable

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FieldCast 2Core MM Adapter Cable

2Core MM Adapter Cable 

*** MM= Multimode 50/125 OM3 Fiber Core 

2Core cable, 2.0 m long, offering the most flexible way to connect your 2Core main cable to any equipment with LC Duplex connectivity. Use it whenever panel mount solutions with chassis connector won’t fit. 


  • two cores of protected fiber

  • multimode 50/125 OM3

  • outer cable diameter 4.8 mm.

  • color coded (two blue rings for 2Core multimode)

  • cable length 2 meters in total

  • robust female cable connector on one side

  • LC Duplex connector on other side

  • product code: c9120 

• highest quality Rosenberger OSI female cable connector

• heavy duty cable to connect FieldCast cable to equipment with standard LC fiber connectivity

• standard 2m, other lengths on request

• standard LC connectors on outlet, PC polished, other connectors on request

• 2Core with two LC connectors on outlet, 4Core with four LC connectors on outlet