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Fairlight Console Chassis 5 Bay

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Blackmagic Fairlight Console Chassis 5 Bay
House your Fairlight Console modules in the Blackmagic Design Fairlight 5-Bay Console Chassis and reap the benefits of a svelte and ergonomic work surface that enables custom module arrangements to suit your unique needs. This variant is an ideal fit for medium-sized audio suites and control rooms.

The Fairlight 5-Bay Console Chassis features cast steel construction for sturdiness and stability without occupying excessive space. In addition to having five bays for Fairlight Console modules such as the Channel Control, Channel Fader, Audio Editor, and LCD Monitor (all available separately), it provides space for your mouse or notes and allows you to install blank panels.

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Blackmagic Design Fairlight Console Chassis Features

For Medium-Sized Audio Suites
5 Bays
Houses Fairlight Console Modules
Enables Custom Module Arrangements