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Chimera Speed Ring for Quartz and Daylite Banks - Adjustable 9" - 16-1/8" from

Chimera Speed Ring for Quartz and Daylite Banks - Adjustable 9" - 16-1/8"

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Chimera's Adjustable Quartz Daylite speed ring features four adjustable ears to accommodate the barn door / accessory holders of a wide range of fixtures. The indexed ears are engraved at each measurement increment, and fit lights from 9 in / 229 mm to 16-1/8 in / 410mm. This ring is designed with dual pole blocks, to fit Chimera's Quartz Standard or Daylite Standard lightbanks offering an immense versatility of light shaping.

Note: Due to the design of the barn door / accessory holders, Adjustable Speed Rings are not compatible with LTM fixtures.
Key Features
Durable aluminum construction
Angled pole blocks to fit Quartz Standard or Daylite Standard
Four adjustable indexed ears to fit a wide range of light fixtures.
Proudly manufactured in Boulder, Colorado
Five-year warranty against defects
9-16-1/8 in / 229-410mm Adjustable Quartz/Daylite Speed Ring
Compatible Lightbanks*
Chimera Quartz Plus Small (8424/8425)
Chimera Quartz Plus Medium (8434/8435)
Chimera Quartz Plus Large (8444/8445)
Chimera Daylite Small (8624/8625)
Chimera Daylite Medium (8634/8635)
Chimera Daylite Large (8644/8645)
Chimera Quartz Low Heat Small (8424LH)
Chimera Quartz Low Heat Medium (8434LH)
Chimera Quartz Low Heat Large (8444LH)
*Final compatibility is determined by the maximum recommended wattage of the lightbank and light combination.