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Chimera Octaplus Speed Ring for Video Pro - 6-1/2" from

Chimera Octaplus Speed Ring for Video Pro - 6-1/2"

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Chimera's OctaPlus Speed Rings combine durability with versatility. With eight pole blocks, OctaPlus Speed Rings support Chimera's OctaPlus HiHeat and Octa Beauty lightbanks*, as well Video Pro rectangular, strip, and Lantern lightbank. Constructed from durable aluminum, OctaPlus Speed Rings are built to Chimera's legendary high standard of quality. The circular metal insert fits into the barn door or accessory slot of the light, while the outer lightbank mount rotates independently of the fixture for precise placement.

Key Features
Compatible with Octa, Rectangular, Strip, and Lantern lightbanks
Durable aluminum construction
Rotating lightbank mount for specific lightbank placement
Metal insert for specific strobe systems
Five-year warranty against defects
OctaPlus Speed Ring to fit 6-1/2 in / 165 mm Circular
Insert Adjustment Hex Tool

Compatible Lightbanks*
Video Pro
Video Pro Shallow
Video Pro Strip
Video Pro Low Heat
Octa Beauty
Standard Lantern
Pancake Lantern
*Final compatibility is dependent on the lighting fixture used and maximum recommended wattage of the lightbank.