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Chimera Mogul Base to 2-Pin Lamp Adapter from

Chimera Mogul Base to 2-Pin Lamp Adapter

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This adapter inserts into the Triolet Mogul Socket (E39/E40) and provides a receptacle for two-pin GY9.5 bulbs. Below is a list of bulbs that we have tested with this adapter for use with the Triolet, alongside the Frosted Glass Dome (99303000). For more information on what bulbs you can use in the Triolet, check out our handy help article on the Chasing Light forums!
Key Features
Adapts E39/E40 to GY9.5 Two Pin Base
Triolet GY9.5 Two Pin Bulb Adapter
Compatible Bulbs
EHC 500W/120V
EHD (Most Common) 500W/120V
FLK 575W/115V
GLA 575W/1115V
GLC 600W/115V
EHF 750W/120V
EHG 750W/120V