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Chimera Low Heat Quartz LED Lightbanks (Small) from

Chimera Low Heat Quartz LED Lightbanks (Small)

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Chimera Quartz Plus lightbanks are a true industry standard. Featuring durable construction and a massive range of light shaping accessories, Quartz Low Heat lightbanks combine time-tested reliability with new materials optimized for LED and Plasma lights.
Lightbank Body with Support Poles
1/8-Grid Diffusion Front Screen (-0.15 stops)
1/8-Grid Diffusion Inner Baffle (-0.15 stops)
Zippered Storage Sack
Warranty and Care Info Card
Product Specifications
Front Size: 24x32 in / 60x80 cm
Depth: 22 in / 55 cm
For use with LED or Plasma fixtures only.