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Chimera Low Heat Quartz LED Lightbanks (Medium) from

Chimera Low Heat Quartz LED Lightbanks (Medium)

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Chimera Quartz Plus lightbanks are a true industry standard. Featuring durable construction and a massive range of light shaping accessories, Quartz Low Heat lightbanks combine time-tested reliability with new materials optimized for LED and Plasma lights.
Key Features
Industry leading durability and quality
Materials optimized for use with LED and Plasma sources.
Interchangeable front screen for different diffusion densities
Compatible with a wide range of accessory fabric grids, barn doors, and interchangeable screens.
Lightbank Body with Support Poles
1/8-Grid Diffusion Front Screen (-0.15 stops)
1/8-Grid Diffusion Inner Baffle (-0.15 stops)
Zippered Storage Sack
Warranty and Care Info Card
Product Specifications
Front Size: 36x48 in / 90x120 cm
Depth: 29 in / 75 cm
For use with LED or Plasma fixtures only.