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Chimera Daylite Senior Plus 1 Softbox - Large from

Chimera Daylite Senior Plus 1 Softbox - Large

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The Chimera Daylite Senior represents the penultimate lighting accessory for high output continuous fixtures. With heat resistant materials and high-quality construction, the Daylite Senior supports fixtures up to 24,000W yet matches the traditional front screen size as Video Pro and Quartz Large Lightbanks. For use with fixtures from 24-1/2 to 29" in front diameter with the appropriate Daylite Senior Speed Ring (not included).
Key Features
Optimized design for narrow-beam fixtures
Immense heat resistance
Increased depth for even lightbank illumination
Durable construction
Five Year Warranty
Lightbank Body and Support Poles
Full Diffusion Front Screen (-1.4 stops)
Full Diffusion Inner Baffle (-1.4 stops)
Storage Sack
Warranty and Care Info Card
Product Specifications
Front Screen Size: 54x72 in / 135x180 cm
Depth: 50 in / 125 cm
Maximum recommended wattage: 24,000W