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Chimera Barger LED LightBank - 3X4 from

Chimera Barger LED LightBank - 3X4

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Built specifically for the Barger 3x4 LED, Chimera's lightbank offers diffusion of the light and the ability to customize output with a wide variety of light shaping accessories. The Barger 3x4 LED lightbank includes Full and Half Grid Diffusion front screens and is compatible with all "Medium" lightbanks accessories.

Key Features

Silver Interior
Durable construction
Sewn in the USA
Purpose-built for the Barger 3x4 LED

Lightbank Body with Support Poles
Full Diffusion Front Screen
1/2 Grid Diffusion Front Screen
Storage Sack

Front Screen Dimensions: 36x48 in / 90x120 cm
Lightbank Depth; 7 in / 18 cm