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C-Series Para Dome Soft Box - Small - 60cm / 23.5"

C-Series Para Dome Soft Box - Small - 60cm / 23.5"

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The 60cm Para Dome from Hive Lighting is a unique, 16-sided, hexadecagon shaped parabolic deep dish flood reflector and softbox. Paired with any of Hive Lighting's C-Series LEDs its silver lined parabolic shape can function as a flood reflector, but when the diffusion front face is added it functions as a round softbox. For further diffusion an inner diffusion baffle is included and for more control a front velcro grid can be mounted to the front to control spill. The result is a flattering source which creates a natural looking eyelight that can be either directional or diffused.

Like all of Hive's photo mount modifiers, it is compatible with any 100mm or Profoto® mount strobe or continuous light heads. The Paradome also features soft case, ideal for travel and protecting this modifier.

Inside the Box:

60cm , 16 Sided Para Dome with
100mm “Profoto®” Mount
Front Diffusion
Inner Baffle Diffusion
Front Control Grid
Branded Soft Case