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AURORA Single Universe DMX/RDM transceiver WiFi/Bluetooth from
AURORA Single Universe DMX/RDM transceiver WiFi/Bluetooth from

AURORA Single Universe DMX/RDM transceiver WiFi/Bluetooth

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Aurora is the flexible CRMX transceiver with a multitude of connectivity options, powerful enough for single universe transmissions as well as being a receiver packing the most advanced features. Capable of transmitting or receiving one universe of DMX/RDM, it is the flexible unit that can also move between universes. The enhanced radio design allows for record breaking ranges with a rock solid experience.

The onboard WiFi can receive sACN and Art-Net, while the Bluetooth interface enables configuration via the CRMX Toolbox App and streaming of DMX. The 5-pin XLR can be used as input or output for DMX/RDM from any source making the Aurora act as a protocol converter.

With the intuitive color screen it’s easier than ever to configure locally, using the rotary knob to move between setting and universes. For even more control the CRMX Toolbox App is capable of configuration from any smart device.

LumenRadio continues to deliver the most reliable Wireless DMX with both CRMX and W-DMX compatibility, featuring Linking Key* along with industry standard 5 ms latency, error correction and 128 bit encryption at full refresh rate for a full universe.

Single Universe CRMX Flex unit
DMX/RDM, sACN and Art-Net 1-3
5 GHz WiFi and Bluetooth
Configuration via App or Front panel
Compatible with CRMX and W-DMX G3/G4s
Supported Protocols

sACN / Art-Net 1-3
W-DMX G3 / G4s
WiFi IEEE802.11b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 5.0

RF Characteristics

Frequency range: 2402-2480 MHz
Radio module: TimoTwo
5ms latency
128-bit encryption
Forward Error Correction


Antenna: RP-TNC
DMX: 5-pin XLR female
DC: 2.5mm/5.5mm Barrel connector
AC: powerCON Tru1


DC 10-20v
AC 100-240 VAC


IP20 Aluminium enclosure
Front panel color screen and rotary knob
M10 and ⅜” Threads
Rack and wall mount accessories
V-Lock battery mount accessory
14 x 20 x 4.4 cm