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Black Fresco LED 2000 lumens Wall Washer EDALI Trackmount BLK. from

Black Fresco LED 2000 lumens Wall Washer EDALI Trackmount BLK.

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The Fresco LED WallWasheris a specialist lighting toolfor display, art gallery, museum and commercial lighting applications. Providing an even wash of light, the Fresco LED Wall Washer is the ideal wall washer or subject flood. Fresco Range updated to latest generation LED Engines, August 2022.


The body is engineered from a combination of aluminium pressure die castings.

All powercables are internal to mount and body.

Visually smooth asymmetric beam.

Fully blended light source – no fringing.

Latest generation of LED engine (Gen 7) and precision designed reflector are recessed into the luminaire housing for best glare control commensurate with the beam angles provided.

Gen 7 LED engine provides 10% increase in light output.

Minimal power consumption (17W) and lower maintenance requirement than traditional halogen sources.

Passively cooled – no fans for silent operation Positive, precise pan and tilt adjustment with allen lock off.

Reference scales to record/ duplicate focus position.

Four flap barndoors on pivots to shape / mask the light beam, available to match luminaire colour or with the flap interior finished in black.

Selecon’s five-year warranty.


Mounting Options

Universal track three circuit track adapter, Global and Eutrac. DALI Track Options.

Ceiling rose mount, ridged 80mm  x 20mm deep.

50mm half coupler and 1.0m cable tail, with or without ANZ plug.

Power Supply Options

Local Dimming - non dimmed mains supply.
Dali Dimming – non dimmed mains supply.
CASAMBI - Non dimmed mains supply.
Mains Dimmable- Leading Trailing Edge.

Wattage / Power Supply
17W / 240v (2190 Lumens)

Colour Temperature / Life
3000K / 50,000hrs

CRI / Colour Consistency
95 / Within 3-Step MacAdam Ellipse

Colour Finish

White = PANTONE® 11-4800
Blanc de Blanc

Order Codes

2 – 2190 lumens
LD – Local Dim – non-dimmed mains input
MD - Mains Dimmable-Leading or Trailing Edge-Contact your consultant.
DD – Dali Dim – non-dimmed mains input (not available with Ceiling Rose, Half Coupler, or Flex mount)
CA - CASAMBI Dimming Control
H – 50mm Half coupler and 1.0m cable
C – Ceiling Rose
G – Global track adaptor – standard option for track mount. Dali or local control
T – Eutrack adaptor – standard option for track mount. Dali or local control.
E – eDali Track adaptor – custom adaptor for three circuit track – for installations using Dali on standard track. Please contact your sales representative.
P – Aust / NZ plug


IE : FRSLED2LDG01 = Fresco LED Wall Washer, 2000 lumens, Local Dimming,
Global Track adaptor, White Finish
* DALI Dimming version only available with Track adaptor Mounting (T,G,E)

Accessories Codes

FRSLEDBD01 White Fresco Wall Washer Barndoor
FRSLEDBD03 Black Fresco Wall Washer Barndoor

Physical Data
Weight: 1.2 Kgs