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Studio Lighting Design - Guidance & Consultation

When you need studio lighting & systems integration MAKE US YOUR FIRST CALL.

Why?  Because simple or complex, the L | A Firm specializes in helping you create your studio with everything that defines lighting design, camera functionality and system integration.

The L | A Firm family of companies offers a full suite of specialty lighting & camera products and consulting services that come with decades of expertise and a personalized approach to accomplish one goal:

Your vision, fully realized.

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Think of the L | A Firm first, when you need help with any of the following kinds of Broadcast Production Studio Lighting Design & Systems Integration projects:


  • TV broadcast & film production stage / studio lighting
  • Commercial, corporate, industrial lighting & workflow applications
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality [VR / AR] Stages
  • Streaming stage for home, school, office & events


 The list goes on...

  • Podcasting Rooms
  • Home or Office Recording Studios
  • Talk show set
  • Infomercial set
  • News desk set
  • Sports desk set
  • Insert stage or Flash stage
  • Green screen lighting
  • Blue screen lighting
  • White cyc walls
  • Motion picture studio lighting
  • Church or house of worship lighting
  • Still photography studio
  • Digital imaging and extraction studios
  • High speed photography
  • Video studio lighting
  • Live streaming environments and workflows
  • And so much more

 "Providing illumination for civilized endeavor."