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Pipeline Raw 3200K 4 foot from
Pipeline Raw 3200K 4 foot
Pipeline Raw 3200K 4 foot
Pipeline Raw 3200K 4 foot

Pipeline Raw 3200K 4 foot

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This Raw version has no driver or dimmer and has a 3 Pin XLR on the end for quick plug and play with the convenient BBS 4 way Controller with DMX or your own LED driver/dimmers with optional DMX packages.

From BB&S Lighting, the company that pioneered remote phosphor technology in LED lighting fixtures, comes a revolutionary next step: the Pipeline LED System.

In a convenient cylindrical form factor in length of 4', the Pipeline remote phosphor provides ultra-high TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) soft light that is controllable and dimmable with no color shift or flickering. Whether installed in an optional single or multi-lamp reflector bank, or deployed stand-alone, Pipelines are the perfect soft-light lamp for modeling faces and illuminating backgrounds.

Among Pipeline’s numerous advantages are low power draw, high light output, wide light dispersion, heatless and fan-less operation. The Pipes are available in 3200K, 4300K or 5600K color temperature outputs.

Pipeline LED System Features

• Ultra High TLCI of 95+

• 3 Pin XLR attached

• Available in 3200K, 4300K or 5600K

• Extremely high light output

• 38 Watt Draw

• Wide 180º light dispersion

• Flicker-free

• Silent operation (no fan)

• Rugged Aluminum Frame

First Remote Phosphor Light Banks
BB&S vastly improves on the classic light bank by adding the benefits of Remote Phosphor
technology in the Pipeline 3’ and 4,’ 4-Bank ready to go lighting fixtures.
Cool And Powerful
Pipeline 4-Banks house 3’ or 4’ (914mm or 1219mm) long, 1-inch (25mm) diameter,
Remote Phosphor LED Pipes. Three-foot units offer an output of 12,000 lumens at 100%,
while the four-foot outputs a whopping 16,000 lumens! Yet, they run cool and power off
48V for smooth dimming.
Get In Control
With a built-in 4-channel control, Pipeline 4-Banks are fully dimmable (100% to zero) without color shift or flicker. The Control offers 8/16-bit DMX 512/RDM and manual dimming
plus strobe capability. Optional soft boxes, grids, and flush mount grids are
available to enhance light shaping.
Color Match Any Situation
Pipeline 4-Banks come in 3200°K, 5600°K and the Bi-color model that allows users to
dial-in any color temperature between 3200°K and 5600°K and individually tweak. As light
intensity is increased or dimmed, there’s no affect on color temperature.
• Choose from 3’ or 4’ lengths
• Power Supply: 48V with
powerCON TRUE1 locking AC Cable
• Color Temps: 3200°K, 5600°K or Bi-color
• AC Power: 100-240V 50/60Hz
• Max Power Draw: 10 Watts per foot
• 4’= 16000 Lumens on 160 W max draw
• 3’= 12000 Lumens on 120 W max draw
• Premium LED Array - 50,000 hour life
• High Quality 5600ºK -TLCI 95+
• High Quality 3200ºK -TLCI 95+
• More than 1000 Lumens per foot
• 8/16-bit DMX 512/RDM, Strobe
& Manual dimming
• Length: 1’ / 305mm
• Length: 2’ / 610mm
• Length: 3’ / 914mm
• Length: 4’ / 1219mm
• Width: 1” / 25.4mm
Ambient Operating Temperature:
-10º – 40°C / 14º – 104°F
• No color shift
• Built in DMX 512/RDM Controller
• Includes reflector housing