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NewBlue Transitions 5 Flow ESD

NewBlue Transitions 5 Flow ESD

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NewBlue Transitions 5 Flow ESD

NewBlue Transitions 5 Flow delivers 11 fluid transitions to roll your footage from scene to scene, zoom between locations and scan across the frame.

New Plugins:

  • Spin: Transitions between two video clips by rotating and blurring the image around any point in the picture.

List of Current Plugins:

  • Liquefy: Morph one image to reveal the next for a fluid transition.

  • Roll: Create the look of camera film rolling over a projector.

  • Scanner: Shift in and out of scenes with a fluorescent beam of light.

  • Shake: Jolt, rattle and pulse from clip to clip for dramatic progression.

  • Shear: Smear your scene in diagonal directions.

  • Shredder: Create artistic scene transitions by cutting your image into patterns.

  • Smear: Scrub an image into a blurred picture that sharpens into the next scene.

  • Twirl: Twist and swirl images into a blur that unravels to reveal the next scene.

  • Wave: Create fun and effortless scene transitions that melt, ripple and warp.

  • Zoom: Blur and pan rays dramatically across the scene to move between cuts.