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LiteGear LiteDimmer Studio Series, 5X8-V2
LiteGear LiteDimmer Studio Series, 5X8-V2

LiteGear LiteDimmer Studio Series, 5X8-V2

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LiteGear LiteDimmer Studio Series, 5X8-V2

LiteDimmer Studio 5×8 is the most advanced DMX-controlled LiteRibbon® dimmer available. Each of its five channels is capable of controlling 100W at 12VDC or 200W at 24VDC – that’s 8 amps maximum per channel. We have included specialized software modes that allow for true cinema and TV-style action. From the simple setting where all channels respond to DMX address 1, to freely mixing RGB with Hybrid (bi-color) white for saturated and color-correct output. Adjustable PWM frequency, 8- or 16-bit operation, combined with user-selectable dimmer curves make our Studio 5×8 like no other.


  • Single, Hybrid, RGB+Hybrid, and RGB(A/W)+Single Modes
  • DMX Control with Test Operation
  • Variable PWM Frequency (5~30 kHz)
  • Flicker-Free
  • Variable Dimmer Response (Gamma) Curve
  • 8-bit and 16-bit Operation
  • RDM-Capable
  • Ultra Capacity (32A Continuous; 40A Max.)

Technical Specs:

  • SIZE: 6.5 in. x 2.875 in. x 1.5 in. (165.1mm x 73.0mm x 38.1mm) (LxWxH)
  • WEIGHT: 13.41 oz, 380g
  • POWER RATING: @ 12VDC: 384W (32A) continuous (480W [40A] max. total); 96W (8A) max. total per channel @ 24VDC: 768W (32A) continuous (960W [40A] max. total); 192W (8A) max. total per channel
  • VOLTAGE OUTPUT: Constant Voltage, PWM
  • DATA PROTOCOL DMX512 DIMMING RANGE: 0 to 100% Continuous, Flicker-Free
  • CONTROLS: Alphanumeric Seven-Segment Display with (4) Pushbuttons (Back, Enter, Up, Down)
  • MOUNTING: (2) Flanges with Slots for Wood Screws or Zip Ties
  • AMBIENT TEMP. OPERATION: -30°C (-22°F) to 50°C (122°F)
  • IP RATING IP20 SETTINGS: Variable Dimmer Curve Variable
  • PWM DMX BIT RATE: Local and DMX Operation Several DMX Decoding Proles
  • RDM MODES: Local (Channels 1 through 5) DMX (Single, Hybrid, RGB+Hybrid, and RGB[A/W]+Single)
  • POWER SUPPLY OPTIONS: Make sure that your power supply meets the following criteria before connecting to the LiteDimmer Studio 5×8


  • (4) Pushbuttons (Back, Enter, Up, Down)
  • (1) 4-digit 7-Segment Display (SSD)


  • (2) 5-pin DMX Connections (Input/Output)
  • (2) RJ45 DMX Connections (Input/Output)
  • (1) Pluggable Phoenix-10 Male (PH10-M) (for Power Input and LED Output)

NOTE: Voltage must be compatible with the voltage requirements of LiteRibbon, LiteMat, or LiteTile. For best results, we recommend that you do not use LiteDimmer Studio 5×8 with non-LiteGear LED products.

What’s included?

  • LiteDimmer STUDIO SERIES 5X8
  • User Guide

View Litedimmer Studio Series 5X8V2 Users Guide