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LiteGear Lite Dimmer Plus DC100V, 100W DC, V-Mount

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LiteGear Lite Dimmer Plus DC100V, 100W DC, V-Mount.

  • Lite Dimmer Plus DC100V is the ideal portable companion for powering +Series fixtures. With a focus on DC input power, the 100W unit can be powered using typical V-Mount-compatible batteries. Optionally, an external AC powered, 12 volt power supply can be used and attached to the battery mount with the optional power supply mounting plate. The Lite Dimmer+ Plus’ rugged housing includes several mounting options including four .-20 threads for attaching clamps or brackets.


  • Voltage Input (Battery): 14.4VDC Nominal (10~16VDC) (V-Mount)
    Voltage Input(External): 9~40VDC (PL4 Connector) (Pins 1 and 4 – Neg., Pins 2 and 3 + Pos.)
    Voltage Output: 24VDC Constant Voltage, PWM (PL7 Connector)"
    Dimming Range: 0% to 100% Continuous, Flicker-Free