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LiteGear Lite Card Chroma Series, Cine-Five, RGB+HY,24V

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LiteGear Lite Card Chroma Series, Cine-Five, RGB+HY,24V.

  • Cine-Five is the first edition to the Lite Card Chroma family. The new revolutionary Lite Card Cine-Five features cinema-quality 95+ CRI hybrid with the ability to add in crisp RGB Color accents. While Cine-Five is technically part of the Chroma family, at its core, itʼs essentially LiteGearʼs truly most adjustable Hybrid Lite Ribbon. Each variation of Lite Card Cine-Five is available in 12 volt and 24 volt versions.


  • Power: 100W (total potential power per card)
    Voltage Input: 24 VDC nominal (20-25.5 VDC constant voltage)
    Current: 4.17A (total potential current per card)
    CCT: Hybrid 2600K (+/-300K) & 6000K (+/-300K)
    CRI: 95+ (Tungsten), 95+ (Daylite)
    TLCI: 95.8 (Tungsten), 98.1 (Daylite)
    Beam Angle: 120°
    Lumens (lm) Whites: 1639.9 (Tungsten), 1726.6 (Daylite)
    Lumens (lm) Colors: 664.9 (Red), 1456.9 (Green), 345.1 (Blue)
    Color Space Compliant: Yes (with appropriate controller)
    Green/Magenta: Yes (with appropriate controller)
    Weight: 0.428 lbs. (0.19 kg) including wire lead
    PCB Dimensions: 240mm (9.45 in.) x 480mm (18.90 in.)
    Card Overall Thickness: 2.2mm (0.087 in.)
    Segment Dimensions: 60mm (2.36 in.) x 80mm (3.14 in.)
    Segments per Card: 24
    Total LED Quantity: 288
    LEDs per Cut Segment: 12
    LED Spacing: 20mm (.79 in.)
    Dimming Range: 0-100%
    Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C (14°F to +122°F)
    Connector: Bare Wire
    Mounting: Adhesive backing
    LED Lifetime: 50,000 Hrs.
    IP Rating: 20
    Certifications: UL Listed (Canada/US), CE Compliant (Europe)