LiteGear Control One Kit, Exalux
LiteGear Control One Kit, Exalux
LiteGear Control One Kit, Exalux
LiteGear Control One Kit, Exalux
LiteGear Control One Kit, Exalux

LiteGear Control One Kit, Exalux

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The Control One is an all-in-one DMX console that is great for lighting control on movies, television, theatrical and live event sets. The handheld unit includes a 5-inch touchscreen, 2 encoders for tactile adjustments, LumenRadio wireless DMX transmitter, and plenty of power options all in a rugged aluminum housing. Control One features DMX fixture profile control of LiteGear, Exalux, Skypanel, Astera, Quasar and a growing list of others. It also features manual control of an entire DMX universe, presets and cues, a full 80 seconds of DMX recording for live streaming, and an entire universe of playback– this makes the Control One a must-have for every Cinematographer, Gaffer, DMX programmer, and lighting technician. Control One also functions as a standalone LumenRadio Transmitter for use when an external console is in use.

Technical Specs:

  • Display:  TFT 5.0″ 800×400 pixels, Capacitive Touch, Super Bright
  • Control:  Master and Settings (Knobs), Memory Store/Restore, CRMX Link, Black-Out, Lock
  • DMX In/Out:  Input: Neutrik XLR 5 Pins-Male | Output: Neutrik XLR Pins-Female
  • Power Consumption:  Min: 2.1W (Screen Off) | Max: 4.2W (Screen and CRMX On) | Standby: 0.025W
  • Power Input:  Neutrik XLR 4 Pins (10-24VDC) Micro USB (5VDC)
  • Housing / Contstruction:  Aluminum
  • IP Rating:  IP30
  • Certifications:  CE, RoHS
  • Weight:  1.5 lbs (700g) without battery
  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 6.1 x 2.0 inches
  • Standard / Technology:  CRMX by LumenRadio™
  • Frequency:  2402 ~ 2480 GHz
  • Antenna Connector:  RP-SMA (female)
  • RF Output:  20 dBm (100mW)
  • RF Modulation:  GFSK
  • Range:  500-1000m (Depending on the receiver and the environment)

  • 5-in-1 tools : Fixture controller, DMX console, CRMX transmitter, DMX recorder, DMX player
  • 1 DMX universe
  • 8 tact switches to save/reload memories
  • Black out function
  • Lock/Unlock function
  • Runs up to 7h with a 10Ah/36Wh PowerBank
  • Control up to 40 fixtures


  • Fader operates similarly to the prototypical DMX console you’ve been using for years. Every fader is linked to a DMX address.
  • 512 sliders | 1 master | 8 memories | Black Out, Full On


  • Fixture allows you to control up to 40 various DMX fixtures. The fixtures are added from a library that can be updated by USB.


  • Player allows you to play the DMX memories that have been recorded with the Fader, Dimmer and Recorder Apps


  • Recorder records 512 DMX channels in real time.
  • 8 memories | 80s recording@44Hz max


  • TX turns the CONTROL SKY into a CRMX transmitter. The DMX data bytes received on the DMX input are wirelessly transmitted by the integrated CRMX transmitter.

What’s included? :

  • Control One Unit
  • Power Bank
  • Power Converter
  • USB to 4-Pin XLR Cable
  • Mirco USB to USB Cable
  • Control One Quick Start Guide
  • Power Bank Quick Start Guide
  • Case

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