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CBL Wide 4000K is 17 degrees from

CBL Wide 4000K is 17 degrees

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BB&S Lighting introduces the Compact Beamlight (CBL-1) a new type of Broadcast studio, film, commercial, stage and architectural lighting. With a 5.5” footprint, these versatile LED powerhouses draw just 40W yet produce up to 4000-lumen output at 95 CRI and 98 TLCI in the Bi-Color 11 degree fixture.

The BB&S Compact Beamlight or CBL-1 is an LED, light weight, small form factor, beamlight that can be used individually on AC, used with the BB&S 4-Way Controller or used on a 14.4 VDC Battery. The CBL-1 draws 40 watts and delivers 4,000 lumens at 95 CRI. The CBL:-1 comes in 7, 11, 14 or 17 degree models. The CBL-1 also comes in either 2700K, 3000K, 4000K or 5600K plus the new Bi-Color 2700K-5600K 11 deree fixture.

The CBL-1 comes with an adjustable yoke and TVMP for mounting. Optional accessories are a 40 watt driver/dimmer with d-tap cable, the 65 watt PSU and locking AC cable, the BB&S 4-way controller and 3-Pin XLR shielded heavy duty cables in 8', 15' or 25' lengths.

While other fixtures produce a wider, less defined beam, the CBL 1 outputs a hard-shadow rendering beam that fades from 100% at center to 50% at the edges, so it’s good for mixing and overlapping with other lights while eliminating blinding glare.

Small & Cost-effective

BB&S CBL 1 lights are ideal for news sets and stages requiring consistent lighting and for specialty uses like approximating headlights or mounting up to 90'/30m overhead—without spill, glare or stray light. Each fixture offers the identical 1.5 kg/3.3-lbs weight and dimensions of (165mm/ 6,5” long, 140mm/ 5,7”) allowing quick repositioning within the same grid brackets or clamps as other CBL-1's.

BB&S Proprietary Tech

BB&S’ proprietary 126mm diameter collimator lens converts up to 90% of the LED output to produce a high intensity narrow beam with minimal spill. The BB&S engineers designed the Compact Beamlight to run silent due to an effective heat dissipation rear section that eliminates a cooling fan.

The 15-fixture family

Choose from four fixed color temperatures (2700°K, 3000°K, 4000°K, 5600°K) and four beam angles: 7, 11, 13, 17 degrees-Plus the new Bi-Color 11 degree 2700K-6000K fixture- each smoothly dimmable 100% to zero.