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About Nick Zgradic and Contacting The L | A Firm

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The Lighting | Architectural Firm (originally the Los Angeles Firm), founded by Nick Zgradic, is and always has been based on one simple, consistent principal: Friendly, personal service and open discussion with precision focus on the task at hand.

Over the past twenty plus years of Nick Zgradic’s service to the entertainment lighting industry, this founding principal has never failed him or his clients. This tradition of customer service continues with great momentum today throughout the LA Firm’s strategic multi-industry relationships.

The culminating focus of the L | A Firm is to always seek to accomplish studio lighting environments where precise images are created with the greatest of ease.  

Drawing on business, design, manufacturing, advertising & marketing, distribution and photography expertise, Nick Zgradic of the L | A Firm continues to be a strategic leader in the realms of consulting for the motion picture and broadcast studio lighting industry as well as designing innovative lighting solutions that are used by industrial & commercial market professionals every day.

"Providing illumination for civilized endeavor."