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Reckeen MVP100 4K Video Scaler, Processor and Switcher

Reckeen MVP100 4K Video Scaler, Processor and Switcher

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Reckeen MVP100 4K Video Scaler, Processor and Switcher

MVP-100 is an advanced video processor, that can mimic multicamera live production using static cameras, helping you create more lively productions while working with limited amount of equipment, space and crew. 

Video Scaler

MVP-100 as a video scaler simultaneously scale up to 8 signals from only two video inputs with resolutions up to UHD (3840×2160). It supports a variety of video formats and enables connection of signal sources in the form of SDI or HDMI. The output signals (8 channels) are created from selected regions of interest (active area) from the devices’ input signals.

An active area, which determines output’s content, is determined by choosing a rectangular frame from a portion of an image obtained from a static camera. When using 2 cameras, we can define 4 such areas for each camera (8 areas in total).  For every channel, you can scale the signal from full 4K resolution to FullHD. For all the output areas (positions of each rectangle) there is up and down scaling (zoom) possible, as well as a function of a variable, which means that a frame can be in a constant motion.
This way, MVP-100 creates 8 outputs. 

The unit is capable of taking in a broad variety of inputs: 6G-SDI, 4K HDMI, 12G-SDI, Quad SDI, covering all of the different basis of 4K video communication that you can get today. Input signals are converted into eight 3G SDI outputs, which can be additionally synchronized to a Genlock input. 


1 camera – 8 outputs.

Clone function gives you the ability to expand the number of output frames by cloning the signal from one input to another channel. Get precise control over your production with just one 4K camera – set 8 different cut-out frames to achieve a multicamera-like video production. 

User-friendly interface

The device can be used as a static video scaler or it can perform animations between defined frames. Thanks to the GPIO connector the device can be connected to an external device that triggers the animations automatically.
The device is also equipped with built-in audio on each input, and thanks to the Follow Audio function, transmitted sound will match the transmitted video signal.

The device allows you to save all defined settings in 8 memory banks. At any time, a user can call up the settings and start a video production without the need for reconfiguration.


Applications of MVP-100

  • Confined venues, where traditional video production is not possible or very restricted, e.g. music venues.
  • Venues where the cameras are mounted permanently, but the video production is still necessary, e.g. houses of worship,
  • Events at which equipment or production crew should not restrict the view of a stage, e.g. conferences, talks, debates.
  • Limited crew – MVP-100 does not require a full production crew; 1 person can manage full production
  • Limited resources – MVP-100 allows you to run full, lively production with a minimum amount of equipment.
  • Field productions – due to its small size, MVP-100 is perfect for when on-the-go productions.
  • TV studios, and Radio stations – supplementary module for your studio. 

MVP-100 will make your live productions more dynamic, interesting and professional.



The MVPKey100 control panel stands for ergonomics, high performance, premium craftsmanship and style.

RECKEEN MVPKey-100 is a specially designed control panel that gives you precise control over all operations. It combines ergonomic design, top-quality precise mechanics and versatile functionality. Its main features are:

  • Joystick XYZ (3-axis) - with this multifunctional joystick the movement of the virtual camera windows is precise and easy to navigate.
  • Comfortable T-bar Fader – equipped with a contactless Hall Effect technology using a magnetic sensor and angle measurement. It provides smooth, consistent feel by utilizing Teflon bearing surfaces and steel ball races.
  • 70 LED illuminated buttons - provide heightened visibility of the control surface



For users who need the highest audio quality, we recommend using ADB-100 - an external audio module which was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding clients. The device is equipped with professional inputs and connections with the highest AES / EBU (AES3) signal quality.

With its built-in Audio Link interface, this device can be installed in a separate location to the virtual studio module. The use of RJ 45 cable and Audio Link technology enables transferring all input and output streams to greater distances (with a single RJ45 cable), while maintaining the highest audio quality.

In the Box

•       RECKEEN MVP-100 4K video scaler, processor and switcher

•       RECKEEN MVPKey-100 Control Panel


Tech Specs:

  • SDI Video Inputs
    • 2 x – 10-bit HD, 3G levels A and B, 6G or 12G UHD switchable
    • 6 x – 10-bit HD, 3G levels A and B switchable. Usable as Quad SDI 4x3G SDI input for UHD. Can be used as Key+Fill inputs as well.
    • HDMI Video Input
      • 2x HDMI type A connector with support for 2160p60
      • SDI Video Output
        • 8 x – 10-bit SD, HD, 3G levels A and B switchable
        • HDMI Program video output
          • 1x HDMI 1.4 type A connector with support for 1080p60
          • SDI embedded Audio Input
            • 8 channels in HD, 3G HD, and UHD
            • SDI embedded Audio Output
              • 8 channels in HD, 3G HD, and UHD
              • Sync Input (Genlock)
              • RS-232 - channel for MVP-100 control panel
              • 8 General Purpose Inputs – triggered motion start