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Netmedia MAATa Beam Pro

Netmedia MAATa Beam Pro

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Netmedia MAATa Beam Pro

Adopted High Motion Resolution Module for performing with precise motion resolution

•Camera balancing (Auto PID Tune) is facilitated through the exclusive remote controller, Motioon Berry

•3rd Generation Mayonte363 Sensor automatically adjusts to temperature changes

•Exclusive remote controller, Motioon Berry - Wireless Pan, Last motion recall , Cruise Speed Control (purchased separately)

•Supports Remote control (through Motioon Berry)

•A detailed operation port is provided for professional App users

•Ergonomic structure and design to accommodate filming without a crew

•Special motor system developed and manufactured by Netmedia

•Other features— landing gear, high-powered batteries, cabling, handle grips, supports accessories for follow focus

•Auto Gyroxor Tuning (Auto PID Tune)—automatic tuning system enables tuning for all camera types




• 3rd Generation Mayonte363 Sensor

Gyro-sensors are affected by the temperature, that if the temperature is below or above 10 degrees Celcius from when it was calibrated, the gimbal loses balance. Addressing this issue, Netmedia developed and applied the Mayonte363 sensor to maintain the balance even in changing temperatures. Mayonte363 sensor was continuously improved for more precise control that it is now at its 3rd generation.


•Exclusive remote controller Motioon Berry (an extra letter ‘o' was added to name the product) – wireless pan, last motion recall, cruise speed control


Size: 472x350x284mm

Weight: 4kg

Payload: 6kg

Battery life: over 12 hours

Compatible cameras: RED, Alexa Mini, URSA Mini, Sony Z series, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras


•To facilitate the operation of the Gyroxor user, Netmedia recommends completing the training program before purchasing the product. Users with no training is advised to purchase the product through dealers and distributors who have completed the training program and receive training before purchasing.


*Button Functions

-Top button (small): mode button

-Lower button (big): power button

-Power button ON/OFF: press power button for 0.8 seconds

-Battery consumption check: short press on power button

-Battery consumption LED on: after battery consumption check, short press on power button again

-Battery consumption LED off: short press on power button


*Operation Mode

The default mode is Mode 2.

-Mode 1: lock tilt / follow panning

-Mode 2: follow tilt / follow panning

-Mode 3: lock tilt / lock panning (lock mode)

-Mode 4: follow tilt / follow roll (a.k.a going-after mode or dutch mode)

-Mode 5: follow tilt / follow panning – a free channel for custom setting



MAATabeam Pro Gyroxor x 1 unit

Camera plate x 1 unit

Kantachi battery x 1 set (4 cells)

Battery charger x 1 unit

USB cable for battery charger x 1 unit