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Azden VHF Wireless Transmitter with EX-503 Lapel Microphone

Azden VHF Wireless Transmitter with EX-503 Lapel Microphone

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Azden VHF Wireless Transmitter with EX-503 Lapel Microphone

The WL/T-PRO combines the WM-PRO body-pack transmitter with the EX-503 electret condenser omni-directional lavalier microphone. This is the standard 2 frequency switchable (169.445MHz and 170.245MHz) body-pack transmitter for all “PRO” series receivers. Uses a single 9V alkaline battery and comes with a belt-clip. 


  • Body-pack transmitter with EX-503 mic

  • Works with all Azden PRO Series receivers

  • 2 switchable transmission frequencies

  • 9V battery powered

  • Comes with belt-clip

  • Transmits up to 300 feet away

WM-PRO Transmitter

  • TRANSMISSION FREQ: F1: 169.445MHz; F2: 170.245MHz

  • ANTENNA: Internal Antenna

  • MIC UNIT: Omni-Directional Electret -Condensor

  • BATTERY: 9V x 1 (not included)


  • BATTERY LIFE: 8 to 10 Hours

  • DIMENSIONS: 86 x 60 x 21.5 (mm)

  • WEIGHT (W/ BATTERY): 98g (3.5oz)

EX-503 Lapel Microphone

  • Mic Type: Electret Condenser

  • Frequency Response: 30-18,000 Hz

  • Directionality: Omni-Directional

  • Sensitivity: -44dB at 1kHz (0dB=1V/Pa)

  • Impedance: 2.2kΩ (at 1kHz)

  • Power Requirement: Plug-in power DC 1-10V

  • Weight: Approx 0.35 oz.

  • Connector: TS (Tip Sleeve) right angle 3.5mm mini-plug with 1.3m cable. Detachable windscreen

  • Features and Benefits: Discreet and lightweight, with included lapel clip and windscreen. Omni-directional element sounds good clipped anywhere near a speaker’s voice.